Review – Nendoroid Saitama (#575)

When I received this Nendoroid in my April AmiAmi order I almost immediately started taking photos for his review. That was over two weeks ago.. heh. The entire process went a lot faster but I still have concentration issues when I type them up. Anyway, it’s finally here so please take a look! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Originally, One Punch Man (ワンパンマン / wanpanman) began as a web comic by ONE in 2009 which was then adapted into a manga and anime. It’s safe to say that it was the most watched anime of the Fall 2015 anime season, with it scoring just shy of a nine out of ten on My Anime List. ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

★ Box ★


Front of the box.

Even at a glance you can’t help but immediately notice Saitama’s naked noggin. Hair loss is apparently the cause of doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, running 10km (roughly over six miles) everyday! He’s undeniably cute without it though. (人´∀`*)


Close up of the box.


10th Anniversary (since 2006) Nendoroid series label.

There’s no proof of authenticity sticker, however on the front top right there is the addition of a new label: “10th Anniversary (since 2006) ねんどろいど Nendoroid series.” You can view photos for known bootlegs on his page on MyFigureCollection.


Sides of the box.

As with all Nendoroid boxes, it matches the characters outfit colors: yellow, red, white, and a touch of black.

★ Contents ★


The blister pack straight out of the box.


A closer look at all of the individual pieces.

Here is a list of what’s in the box:

  1. Main figure with smiling face and two fists
  2. Angry/Shouting head
  3. Flowing cape
  4. Left arm with defined fist
  5. Right arm bent at elbow
  6. Arms crossed
  7. Gloved hand for holding grocery bag
  8. Grocery bag
  9. Left leg bent at knee
  10. Figure base
  11. Figure stand arm

If you pre-ordered directly from the Good Smile Company shop you received a Vaccine Man acrylic plate stand as a bonus.

I found it disappointing that he did not come with his hilarious OPPAI hoodie. (ᵕ≀ ̠ᵕ ) I understand that this would increase the price and isn’t really necessary when Saitama’s main focus is killing things in one punch, though.


Despite this, someone on MyFigureCollection has made a custom hoodie with a tutorial!

There also no OK face which is a recognizable meme even if you don’t know the source.


Famous scene from the webcomic, manga, and anime respectively.

★ Posing ★

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

His poses are very simple but I think make a real impact when paired with another Nendoroid. Since Saitama is bald he doesn’t have faceplates; instead he has two entire heads. He’s also a bit top heavy due to this.

The sculpt overall is quite nice. The cape is one of my favorite parts of his outfit. It doesn’t look as noticeable in photos but the belt buckle is crooked on mine. (I haven’t seen anyone else have this defect.) I sent a request to GSC if I could get a replacement but have not received one at the time of posting this review. It’s not apparent in photos but the grocery bag also has a scuff on it that is shiny and not matte like the rest of the bag. Since the outfit is simple there are no paint flaws!

★ Dress Up ★

Now it’s time for my favorite segment where I take different Nendoroids and mix them up. I did a little more than I usually would do; there were just too many funny ones! (I decided that Isabelle/Shizue will be included in all Dress Up segments.) Which one is your favorite?


One Punch Dog (#386 Shizue – Winter Clothes ver.)


“It took me three years to get this strong!!!” (#546 Sonoda Umi – Training Outfit ver.)


One Pokemon Man: “Got some great deals from Poke Mart!”  (#425 Red)


One Clow Card Man: “RELEASE!!” (#400 Kinomoto Sakura)


“Eh..??” “DON’T MAKE ME ONE PUNCH YOU!!” (#436 Sonico Swimsuit ver. & Nendoroid More: Kisekae Mizugi)

★ Conclusion ★

I think this Nendoroid is a must have for One Punch Man fans; especially because there’s an extreme lack of figures from the series. I think it’s still really fun to mix with others, too. I paid $30 on AmiAmi which I think is not bad comparing it to a Love Live! Nendoroid (around $25.)

You can purchase him from AmiAmi now for ¥4,200/$38. A second release is scheduled for August 2016. You can pre-order him on AmiAmi or Tokyo Otaku Mode now. (These are not the only websites you can pre-order from – they are just the most popular. Hobby Search is out of stock at the time of posting.)

A Saitama figmaGenos Nendoroid, and Tatsumaki/Tornado of Terror Nendoroid are currently in prototype stages.


★ Community Photos ★

Here are some photos taken by others in the figure community. (If you would like your photo removed please contact me at



Photo by e-Bro.


Photo by Fejwsi.


Photo by lucifer.


Photo by Pupazpupaz.











See you next time~! ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”



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