Review – Nendoroid Peko-chan (#613)

Even if you aren’t sure where she’s from, Peko-chan (ペコちゃん) is a pretty recognizable mascot including outside of Japan. Despite her cuteness and silly faces, she doesn’t seem to be a very popular Nendoroid. Because of this, I was driven more to do a review on her! ٩( രలര)۶♡

Fujiya Co., Ltd., a nationwide chain of sweet shops in Japan, created Peko as a mascot in 1950. She is forever a six year old girl who likes baseball, pogoing, and puppies! Peko also has a boyfriend, Poko, who is a year older than her and a dog. You can find life size figures of her dressed for the season outside of confectionery shops.

★ Box ★


Front of the box.

She has the “10th Anniversary (since 2006) ねんどろいど Nendoroid series” label in the top right along with the manufacturer label (“Play Future.”) At the time of this review, there are no known bootlegs but you can always check on MyFigureCollection.


Close up of the box. :9


Sides of the box.

Her box color is mostly red with touches of yellow, white, and pink that match her outfit. Her name in the top left corner and on the side windows even mimics the font on the Milky candy package! ♥

★ Contents ★


The blister pack straight out of the box.


A closer look at all of the individual pieces.

  1. Main figure with classic expression (black eyes); arm waving and with her hand on her hip
  2. Winking face (with brown pupil)
  3. Looking to the right (with brown pupils)
  4. Arm bent at the elbow for holding Milky box
  5. Arm bent at the elbow for holding holding lollipop
  6. Arm bent at the elbow for holding her cheek
  7. Straight arm for holding lollipop
  8. Green lollipop with fist (✊) impression
  9. Fuchsia lollipop with scissors (✌️) impression
  10. Yellow lollipop with paper (✋) impression
  11. Pink lollipop with heart (♥) impression
  12. Milky candy box
  13. Extra neck joint
  14. Figure stand arm
  15. Figure base

I did not include a photo, but the handling instructions only came in Japanese and were included in a plastic sleeve. I found this a little unusual but this didn’t cause me any problems.


Close up of the unique base.

Peko-chan doesn’t come with the traditional square base. Instead, she comes with the usual arm stand and a small circle base that’s 2cm in diameter (about the size of a nickle.) I’m wondering if GSC is just experimenting with stand possibilities for Nendoroids that don’t involve much movement. This stand doesn’t bother me as it does what it’s supposed to with no issue. I think it can be helpful in toy photography when just the arm is not enough but the square base is too restricting.

★ Posing ★

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Peko-chan’s poses are very simple but still cute and playful. The designs on the lollipops are more noticeable in person and are a little difficult to capture in photos. They’re still very well made and sturdy!  I think other Nendoroids playing rock-paper-scissors/janken using the lollipops would be really fun.

Unlike the Madoka Kaname and Nico Yazawa Nendoroids, the ribbons in her hair are attached to her twin tails and cannot be removed or exchanged. Her sideburns are not flush with her face plate and are a bit pliable but it doesn’t effect the quality. When using her face plates on other Nendoroids, it’s a bit of a tight fit as her face is chubby (mostly due to her cheeks) in comparison to other face plates. Be careful and don’t be too forceful when using it!

If you look closely, there are some small pockets on her overalls. At a glance, the cuffs on her pants look white but are actually a pale pink which add to her youthful charm.(人´∀`*)Her face plates all have a mischievous look. They remind me of this scene from K-ON!.


★ Dress Up ★

Now it’s time for my favorite segment where I mix-n-match Nendoroids. Let me know which one is your favorite!


“Would you like to go shopping today, Mayor?” (#386 Shizue – Winter Clothes ver.)


Looks like Nico and Peko-chan are learning some new things from each other~! (#444 Nico Yazawa) Thanks to Bearded Baka on Twitter for the suggestion.


Ryuujou-san? You look a little different today.. (#514 Ryuujou)


“Uwooo~! Candy Store, I want to get this!” (#445 Renge Miyauchi)


The first years all have their favorite food and drinks. :9 (#572 Maki Nishikino – Training Outfit ver., #559 Hanayo Koizumi – Training Outfit ver., #562 Rin Hoshizora – Training Outfit ver.)

★ Conclusion ★

I pre-ordered Peko from AmiAmi for ¥3,560 ($35) and she is currently still available now for ¥3,690 ($36.) I think due her lack of popularity her price will not go much higher than her pre-order price.

Like Nendoroid Umaru, I think Peko’s most appealing quality are her face plates. I would recommend her for Peko fans, collectors, and toy photographers.

A school version of Peko-chan will be released in February 2017 and is available for pre-order now on AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, and Hobby Search.

★ Community Photos ★

Here are some photos taken by others in the figure community. (If you would like your photo removed please contact me at


Photo by koko.


Photo by mrg123.

See you next time~! ヾ(๑രలര๑)ノ”


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