Hello! My name is Brenna & I’m a full-time Cupcake Decorator at a small bakery in Georgia. I am 25 & live with my fiancé & cat.(人´∀`*) In my spare time I watch anime, play WoW & AC:NL; & watch Yogscast videos. My favorite things are cats, coffee, ramen, & the mahou shoujo aesthetic/genre. The current anime series that I’m obsessed with are Love Live!, Super Sonico, & Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If you’d like to know more about my anime interests you can find me on MyAnimeList.

The Beginning

In 2002, I witnessed one of the most eye catching commercials I had ever seen. As ridiculous as it sounds, this commercial changed my life dramatically. The ad was for Square Enix’s popular Kingdom Hearts. I immediately began to save my money for it & a PlayStation 2. This single video game opened the door for discovering Japanese culture.

I’ve had a slight interest in photography since high school. I began to take it more seriously in 2013 with my first DSLR, a Nikon D3200. In 2014, I noticed Kixkillradio & Love, Pinkcheeks work on deviantART. Later that year at a convention, I purchased my first Nendoroid – Mayoi Hachikuji. Currently, with the help of my fiancé, my collection of Nendoroids has grown to over 150! Although they are my main focus I also collect figma, prize figures, TOMY Pokémon figures, & amiibo (cards, too!)

You can find me on these social media platforms:

My Figure Collection


Enjoy my work? Please read below:

  • All Rights Reserved.
  • It is okay to share my photos but only with appropriate credit.
  • Do not use, redistribute, and/or edit without authorization.
  • Do not use and/or print for commercial use. If you wish to use any of the works commercially, please contact me at novavistaphotography@live.com

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